Show Box

Cast Show Box Contents
*Please label each item*

Required items:
Box with Lid
Stage Makeup Kit Only (order online)                       
Knee length cover-up (old robe is ideal)           
Stretchy Wide Headband
Black Mascara
Brown Eyeliner / Sharpener if needed
Makeup brushes        
Facial /Baby Wipes
Makeup Sponges-large package         
Water bottle
Brush and comb                                             
Hair Spray (Got2Be)                                                          
Free standing tabletop Mirror 

Note:  Underclothes ~ athletic shorts & tank tops 
must be worn under costumes for modesty.                                

Suggested Items:
Snacks (NO chocolate)
Cards or games
Books to Read
Colored Pencils/Crayons & Paper

If Needed:                                                                   
Bobby Pins that match hair color      
Elastic bands that match hair color    
Hair Gel                 

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